All-electric Vauxhall Corsa on the way in 2020

Next Vauxhall Corsa due in showrooms in 2019, with the all-electric version arriving in 2020

Vauxhall has confirmed that an all-electric version of the next-generation Corsa is on the way, and parent company PSA has revealed it will roll off the production line at the Opel/Vauxhall brand’s plant in Zaragoza, Spain, from 2020 onwards.

PSA, which also owns PeugeotCitroen and DS, took over Vauxhall and its German sister marque Opel in 2017. Late last year, the firm announced the results of a 100-day review of the Opel-Vauxhall business, placing new products and electrification at the heart of its plan for the next decade.

The 2019 Corsa will be the first new product produced by PSA-owned Vauxhall and will sit on PSA’s CMP platform – a set of chassis parts that will also underpin the likes of the next Peugeot 208 and DS’s new DS 3 Crossback. The plan aims to reduce the number of platforms used by Vauxhall and Opel from the current nine to just two. By rights, these must be the EMP2 chassis that’s used on everything from the Peugeot 308 to the new DS 7 Crossback, and the smaller CMP, which would suit the Corsa.

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